A Cultural Revolution here in Boston?

Scott Kirsner does a compelling write up on the changing start up scene here in Boston.  He theorizes that there is a revolution going on and poses the question – which side are you on?  I was honored to even get a mention! ;-)

The new culture is open, fast-paced, and encouraging of first-time entrepreneurs. It’s about blogging and tweeting and digitized networks of people sharing information about what they’re interested in, and where they’re investing. It’s about informal "unconferences" popping up to discuss the latest tech trend. It’s populated by people who see the value in having broad networks of friends and acquaintances across lots of companies.

– Blogs exposing the inner workings of venture capital and entrepreneurship, from local leaders like Larry Cheng, Bijan Sabet, Jeff Bussgang, Dharmesh Shah, Healy Jones & Prasad Thammineni, and Leah Busque.

I’ve seen this trend begin to surface, and I hope it continues, because I believe we still have a long way to go.  The potential is there, and those of us who are engrossed in the scene, and by our very nature, are playing the game differently must continue to forge ahead.  I actually think that the revolution, as Scott describes it, falls in line with the growth of the internet and digital media industry in general.  It is so cheap to get a company started these days.  The old overhead of server costs and data centers is a thing of the past, replaced by slick computing clouds and lean resources.  These changes in the industry only help to propel ideas forward – the good ones and the bad ones.  As more and more people continue to innovate, its just a matter of time before the startup scene is flooded with companies a-buzz. 

If you think of Boston as a fresh water pond, and new ideas and companies popping up each as their own crystal of salt, its only a matter of time before Boston turns into an ocean.  I say let’s build an ark, load it up with scrappy entrepreneurs and seasoned thought leaders, and see how far we can go!

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